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What happens after you hire us?

The 6 steps we'll cover to empty that house and put a check in your hand!

As a client, your priority is removing the items that you've indicated you'd like to keep from the home and making sure all personal items (taxes, photographs, etc. have been removed).  Once you've done this, at a predetermined date, we'll come in and begin working!

Moving Truck

Step 1: Staging

We begin by "staging" the home.

This means we pull out all of the items that were left in cabinets and drawers and tucked away and display them throughout the house (in their natural habitat!) so that they're aesthetically pleasing to our shoppers.

We bring in our own tables and display racks, but we also use spaces in your house as they allow!

This part typically takes 1 - 3 days.

Step 2: Photographing and advertising

Once we can see everything we're working with and selling, we'll begin photographing your items to post online to our multiple sales channels. We advertise on, local online marketplaces, and offer items for sale online through our own website. 

Step 3: Pricing and descriptions

Once we can see what we're working with we start pricing items using a combination of our previous experience, browsing what similar items have recently sold for on global and local marketplace websites, and researching rare or unusual items through paid subscription websites. 

We also write out descriptions of items that will be used on our multiple sales platforms that include measurements, origin, what the items are made of, and any other information we think potential buyers might be interested in!

This part typically takes 1 to 5 days, depending on the volume and value of items.

Step 4: Let's start selling!

After we've staged, photographed, researched, priced all of your items, and uploaded all of those online, it's go time! 

Depending on the type of sale we've decided is best to sell the most, we open the doors to your house for appointments or a general public sale as well as opening our online "store-front" on our selling website, so that customers can shop from home and pick up items later (we'll handle this part too!).

We handle the customers, appointments, and online orders during the entire duration of the sale. 

This part typically takes 3-7 days. Sometimes sales sell out faster and sometimes it takes a bit longer to clear out high-volume homes and estates. 

Step 5: Sale completion

Whew! That was a busy few days... But now the house is mostly empty.

Clients have the option to keep any remaining items and handle them on their own, we can assist with the donation of remaining items or a complete clean-out. This part is up to the client! 

It is hard to predict what will be left, sometimes clients decide to wait until the completion of the sale to walk through and decide whether they want to handle it themselves or use our resources to help them out. 

Step 6: An empty house with a check and report in hand.

Within 7 business days of the completion of your sale (or cleanout if our team is handling this), you'll receive a full report of the items that sold during your sale as well as a check for your portion of the sale proceeds.

I took these for AirBnb, but they’re so

Thank you for entrusting your collection to our careful hands.

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