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First Time Attending a
Tobacco Road Downsizing Sale?

Welcome! We're glad you've found us!

We don't run"typical" estate or downsizing sales.

We believe in prioritizing our customer's and clients' time. 

First - make sure you're signed up for our email list! We always send an email when our sales go live so that our subscribers are notified as soon as buying is open.

We believe in transparent pricing and providing all the details. When our sales go live, all items will have descriptions, measurements (when possible), and prices, so that customers know whether they are interested in the item or not. We want you to be able to walk in, browse the house without crowds and pay for your items without waiting in lines. 

If you'd like an item or an appointment, simply call or text (919) 717 - 9850. This number goes directly to Mariah and is answered in the order that it is received. You can claim the item you're interested in and we'll set it aside for you until you can make it to the sale. 

Appointments can be made to browse the entire house during the allotted times. 

We take cash, card, and Venmo. Sales tax will be added to the purchase price (the percentage varies depending on which county the sale takes place in!). 

Our prices are firm at the beginning of the sale, but we typically are willing to negotiate reasonable offers as time goes by. Our ultimate goal is to make the most money for our clients while matching fairly priced items with new owners. That said - we want to empty the house. From the time that the sale opens, all items are priced at fair market value. 

Want sneak peeks at upcoming sales? Make sure you're following us on Facebook or Instagram!

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