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Here's what people are saying about us:

Milly L., Customer & Client

"I've been going to estate sales run by Tobacco Road Downsizing for a while now. And I have always found them consistently excellent. Last month, I found myself on the other side of the equation, when I became a client, needing to downsize, plan a move, and clear my house from all the many items collected over a lifetime. I was happy to put the responsibility into the hands of Mariah, and she did not disappoint!!! Tobacco Road Downsizing is the BEST, no question. Polite, professional, knowledgeable, responsive, honest.....I recommend them, 5 stars all the way."

George W., Client

"Mariah helped us from start to finish with the estate sale after we found a buyer for our home. She came to our home and explained the entire process, then prepared the house for the sale, then even arranged to clear out everything in the house. All this with a friendly attitude."

Akin K., Customer

"Loved the process. Prices are posted and you get to buy without waiting in and dealing with mobs of people. Definitely the way to run an estate sale."

Larry R., Customer

"I would highly endorse this wonderful company for downsizing sales. They know how to treat their shoppers...always with a caring attitude. They present their sales with dignity and respect and they are always there to assist in answering questions and helping in any way possible to make the sale a positive memorable experience."

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