Why you'll love tobacco road downsizing

We're a phone call away

Thinking of downsizing? We're a call away and ready to answer all of your questions. We've run hundreds of downsizing/tag sales. We would love to help you sell your excess so you can move onto the next stage of your life. 

Tobacco Road Phone Call Away
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We come to you

From the first meeting through the conclusion of your sale- we bring our business to you. 

Downsizing sales happen at your house. So there is no extra charge for moving items, and we can sell any items that might be in your house. It's quick too! You don't have to wait for months for your items to sell. 

no hidden charges

Our initial visit costs you nothing. We will walk through and decide if a downsizing tag sale is right for you.

If we are both in agreement, we'll go over our short contract which outlines our commission, which is inclusive of all services for staging, pricing and running the tag sale.

All commission charges and fees are laid out prior to the sale, so you know exactly what to expect before signing on the dotted line.

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We sell everything.

Bedroom furniture? You bet.

Waterford and Lalique? Cheers to that!

China cabinet? Aye-aye.

Crate and Barrel sofa? Put your feet up!

Car in the driveway? Yes.

My costume jewelry? No problem.

My grandmother's fine jewelry? Top seller!

Collectibles? If there's a collector, we'll find them!

Clothes? You bet your britches.

Kid's toys and games? Check.

The library of books? True story!

Coins and silver? Big sellers!

A tag sale can include *almost* everything that might be in your home. There are some prohibited items, but we'll bring those items to your attention if we find them and ask for them to be removed. 

We can guarantee the house will be empty

Not everything will sell. We can't make people buy things, and there are always leftovers. But most of it will sell!


Following the sale, we offer many different cleanout services. You can keep remaining items, we can handle donating remaining items or we have trusted teams that offer a complete cleanout service - leaving your home broom swept and vacuumed. 

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Quick turn around

Within 7 business days of the conclusion of your sale, we send you an itemized list of what sold and how much it went for, a check for your proceeds and any tax receipts that we have for you.