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Weird Favor...

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

So, we're at the two week point of providing sales as Tobacco Road Downsizing in the Chapel Hill / Durham market... And the support is overwhelming.

We don't want an entire tab of our website to be "dead space"... And by that we mean our blog. It's hard to decide what is "worthy" of your time to read. We want content that you're excited about. So- we've decided to ask our readers and followers for their feedback. What do YOU want to hear about as readers in this space? All you have to do is comment and we'll take your suggestions into consideration. If we select your topic of a blog post, we'll send you a $25 coupon to use at our sales!

Our job is odd. We are selected to come into a home that is unoccupied and go through the entire contents and sell it all to the public. We've seen it all! We're literally given the keys and told to "make it disappear". We have so many tales to tell and we want to share our day to day with you- but don't know what you want to hear about!

This post for you to to encourage us to share those stories and insider bits so that we can engage with customers and clients alike. Want to know how to negotiate better? Ask away. Want to hear the backstory of a sale? We'll do it if our client allows. Want us to engage with buyers in an interview-esque platform and willing to volunteer yourself (willing to tag you on social media!)? We'd love to have you! Want to know what to expect as a client? We want to inform you about how we keep you in the know throughout the process... and we'll share how we do it!).

We want to engage and all you've got to gain is a chance for some spending cred at our sales! Please tell us what you want to hear!

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