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Two Sales! So many staff picks!

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

This weekend Tobacco Road Downsizing is hosting not just one... but TWO incredible downsizing sales. Bonus! The sales are less than half an hour from each other, so you can make a day of it!

Our Durham sale was the family homestead for almost 50 years! Our client raised his children here and so there are so many great tales that come with the items here. This house is packed and there are TONS of items to look at. Expect to spend at least 45 minutes to an hour here (if not more!).

Our Chapel Hill sale is 3,400 square feet of treasures! Our client worked in the movie and television industry for many years! She's now downsizing to go experience a bigger city and so she can't keep her memorabilia or much of her furniture. Don't miss this one!

Full disclosure! We were so busy getting our sales ready for you this weekend, I failed to get photos of Staff Picks in Chapel Hill with our cast of characters! But we asked around, so you can see our picks!

Carol hasn't been featured yet in our "Staff Picks" section, so we'll start with her! She chose this simple, yet very pretty, vintage, handmade quilt. Carol and her husband, Jim, are both quilters, so this isn't a huge surprise! If you love old quilts, there's more than 10 available this weekend!

Quilts in this weekend's sale range from $20 - $75! This is a super bargain considering all of the time, energy and love that goes into creating just one!

Mariah picked cast iron pans as her favorite item!

As many of our "regulars" know, Mariah and her husband are longtime collectors of cast iron. Everything from older pieces of Griswold and Wagner to more contemporary pieces like Staub and Le Creuset. Mariah's husband has even taken up restoring old pieces in his spare time.

This weekend our most exciting piece (at least for a collector) of cast iron is a cute little Martin piece. Prices on cast iron range from $10 - $35.

Morgan's pick this weekend was completely color based! This Carolina blue vintage candy dish caught her eye when she met our clients for the first time.

It's perfect for serving up treats to guests or setting out some decorative items and adding a splash of color to any space in your home.

It can be yours this weekend for only $25!

For our Chapel Hill picks, this is what we can't resist!

This farmhouse table is Mariah's favorite. She loves the Joanna Gaines vibe!

The phone is Lyn's favorite! Ring ring!

The mantle is Morgan's favorite! Who doesn't love architectural salvage pieces!

The dresser is Robin's favorite! Plenty of storage and perfect for any age!

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