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Summer Reading on A Dime

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

Ah, sweet summer time. Time to kickback, relax, lay at the pool with a book in hand. But when you've got lots of time on your hands- and your hands are itching to keep turning the pages of a great book- it can get expensive!

Both Mariah and I are suckers for bookstores... We'll admit it. All the books are shiny and new, they're the most recent to hit the shelves or they've climbed the charts and they're all arranged so pleasingly. That said- it's very easy to walk into a book store and drop $50 on 2 or 3 titles. The great news is that you don't have to fall for the cover price in a retail shop to find your next great read!

Full disclosure, we both love the library. But it's fun to switch books back and forth with each other and with our girlfriends that we think would enjoy a book we just read. Having a copy that's yours means you can highlight passages that speak to you and not get in trouble from your local librarians *and* you have the option of dragging out your reading time without making someone else have to wait for you to be done.

Downsizing sales, tag sales and even garage sales are a great spot to pick up books that are on your "To Read" list - and at a fraction of the cost. Most books through these outlets will cost anywhere from a quarter to $5. Not all sales will have the title that you're looking for, but many will have something that you've been meaning to read.

Just this week, I was able to snag a copy of "The River of Doubt: Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey" by Candice Millard - which my book club was *gushing* about at our last meeting. My cost? TWO DOLLARS!

I also *love* audio books. I have an Audible membership, but try to keep my purchases to the allotted purchase of 1 per month. Occasionally, you'll be able to find audio books on CD or cassette at a downsizing sale. Realistically, they can also be a pain to listen to in this format. My car doesn't even have a cassette player... and CDs can be scratched easily.

Nothing is worse that being at the climax of a story, when "blub... skrrrt.... he said...he sai... he s.... blurb...."... And you realize that without skipping ahead 5 minutes, and through the most suspenseful part, you can't listen coherently to the book you've now invested 10 hours and 16 minutes of your precious time into.

Recently, we've been very busy, and I haven't had a ton of time to breeze through audio books like I have in the past. My loan finally came up for "Nine Perfect Strangers" by Liane Moriarty through our local library's app. (Check out Overdrive / Libby, by Overdrive in the app store. It's an app through your local library where you can borrow e-books and audio books through your library card! It's awesome... except sometimes there's super long waits on the more popular titles.)

Unfortunately, the title, "Nine Perfect Strangers" expired before I could finish it all. Back on the waiting list I went... #193 on 9 copies. They wouldn't even give me an estimated wait time. Grumble. And then - I put it out into the universe that I hated spending $15.00+ on a book through a retailer, even though I *really* wanted to finish the book, and BAM! I found a hard cover copy at the same sale that I was able to find the Teddy Roosevelt book. My cost for that hardcover? $3!

If you're a page turner, it's worth taking the time when you're out checking out sales on the weekend to scan through the titles on the shelves and see if there's anything you're interested in. If you spent the time to drive to a sale that was out of the way, you're probably interested in many of the things the homeowner had... so you might have the same taste in books!

We want to know! What are you reading right now? We love a great suggestion!

Who doesn't love a great book?

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