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Staff Picks: Mebane Sale

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

As a fun blog suggestion, Zan Bunn, posted on Instagram that we should have "Staff Picks" from our sales each weekend. She's got herself a $25 credit to our future sales! Congrats Zan! She's suggested that in future sales we segregate an area of our sales to these picks... Which may be a feature that we add down the road... For right now, we'll see how much shoppers love this as a blog feature and consider incorporating this into future sales as a "Staff Picks" section!

It's not too late! Comment here, on IG, Facebook or send us an email of what you'd like to see as a future blog post. If we select your idea, you'll have a $25 coupon to use at future sales too!

We asked some of our team members to select their favorite items from our sale in Mebane this upcoming weekend... And this is what they've come up with!

Mariah's pick for this week is the vintage "Cigar Store Indian"... Always a sucker for anything dealing with Native Americans... Mariah couldn't resist double dipping on one of our client's favorite items.

Some very rare cigar store Indians have sold for more than $100,000... Ours doesn't date back far enough to drive that high of a ticket price... But it is a great collector's piece.

It's available this week for $225.

Mariah: "Our client told us how much they loved this piece and I fell in love too! It's got so much character and would look great in any corner of your home!"

Morgan's pick this week is this adorable, vintage Halloween noisemaker tin toy made by Kirchoff featuring a jack'o'lantern face.

Kirchoff toys were founded in 1852! The company also produced braille printers. Vintage Halloween items tend to be fairly rare and are a great collectors piece that can be used either seasonally or all year round. One lucky collector can walk away with this for only $40!

Morgan: "Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays... I love the excitement that builds before the actual day! Plus, vintage Halloween items are fairly rare... So it's exciting to find these gems in the wild!"

Robin selected this gorgeous John Chatillon scale. It will be priced at only $100 this weekend!

Chatillon & Sons was formed almost 200 years ago! This scale isn't quite that old... But would no doubt add some additional character to any home it ends up in.

It's the perfect mix of shabby and chic. (In our opinion!)

Robin: " It reminds me of the old-time hardware stores in small towns where I grew up. Where they weighed out the nails and wrote the price on a paper bag with a grease pencil."

Lyn chose this super cute vintage Ball Jar Thermos that's encapsulated in aluminum.

This used to be taken carried to lunch by workers or on family picnics. Ours has some dents and dings- no doubt a sign of the many travels it took along it's journey to it's current owner's home....

Now it's looking for a new residence... It can be yours for only $20 this weekend! Our client displayed it on a wood shelf in their log cabin and definitely added to the "rustic" feel of the home!

Lyn: " I just love having a "Ball" no matter what I'm doing! My job included! I love seeing things I've never seen before!"

Tell us what you think! Should this be a weekly "regular" to our blog? It was very fun for us! So we hope y'all enjoyed it too!

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