• Morgan Breakey

Our Response to COVID-19

Hi friends!

We hope that you're staying safe and healthy in your homes during this crazy time.

Tobacco Road Downsizing has built a business that revolves around inviting people to come together to shop at our sales. This often meant each weekend we would be running sales that drew in up to 1,000 people over the course of 2 to 3 days. Obviously we can't do this anytime soon. It's not safe for our staff, our customers, or clients or ourselves.

Below we have a call to action for our regular customers that enjoy coming to our sales and how they can help other small businesses in lieu of attending tag sales, as well as a message to resellers.

We want to thank everyone that's reached out to us as a cheerleader. This isn't an easy time, especially as small business owners. We want to make sure we're doing our part so that we can stop this virus as soon as possible and get back to regularly scheduled business!

Call to action for casual buyers:

At this time, we're working on getting sales set up for small items/ furniture that will be of interest. The best way to find items that we will be selling in the immediate future that we can coordinate local pickup in a safe transfer space is to follow us on Instagram (@tobaccoroaddownsizing). There will also be a link from our website as soon as those items are available and we get all the kinks worked out!

We also need to make sure we keep our economy going and supporting small local businesses. There will be a separate blog post coming soon that highlights some of our local small businesses that you can support by buying their items online.

Stay tuned for that!

Call to action for resellers:

We are still under contract with many families at this current time to help them liquidate their households. Because of this, we need to get creative and think outside the norm.

Over the past 6 years, we've gotten to know many people that specialize in one thing or another. Whether you're a buyer of household items, vintage clothes, books, CDs, designer goods, furniture or numerous other specific types of items.

While we would love to continue to open the doors so that these people can all shop at the same time, that just isn't safe at this point. During the upcoming month or two, we do have fairly specific buyers that we will be looking for. If you are a reseller that is interested in a *specific* type of item and interested in bulk buying one type of item, please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

Additionally, if you're a reseller that sells online or is taking proper precautions to sell locally, and based in the Chapel Hill / Durham / Pittsboro / Raleigh area, please reach out to us and tell us where we can send customers to support your small business!

Thank you all! We miss you already!


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